Past Rule Changes

March 2016

Minor “tidy up” changes:

(i) eliminating prohibition of “bumpkins” but requiring sails to be sheeted to within the overall 14 foot hull measurement

(ii) eliminating the prohibition of headsail headboards and removing the limit on the size of headsail clewboards

(iii) removing the requirement for identifying marks to be on the “transom, hog piece or thwart” and allowing the ISAF/World Sailing plaque to be the identifying mark provided the number is recorded on the certificate

July 2011

Mainsail measurement rule changed to limit angle at “throat point” to 112 degrees; mainsail head no longer subject to 7626mm rig height limit other than at “throat point”

March 2010

Class rule requiring spinnaker reaching legs at major events removed as a formal class rule to meet ISAF policy requirement (although class policy remains to have such reaches)

Formalised that sail letters/numbers not required on spinnakers

Boats first registered as from 1 April 2010 must display ISAF plaques

April 2007

Weight reduction (see December 2005 changes) delayed by four years, to June 2011 and June 2013

Clarified rules covering “centreboards” also cover “daggerboards”

December 2005

Hull weight to be reduced by 2.25kg on 1 June 2007, a further 2kg on 1 June 2009

Rules amended to eliminate measurement bumps on hull (by removing old “pie pan” test and introducing new “taut tape” test); boats first registered before 1 July 2005 grandfathered provided hull remains unmodified

Equipment restrictions – only one mast, boom, centreboard, rudder, hydrofoil, mainsail, spinnaker, and 2 headsaiils, allowed at World and other International events and at National championships. Old limit of no more than two new spinnakers per 12 month period deleted

Wording of rule requiring boats to be able to lower or furl sails tightened up by requiring this be done without detaching forestay or needing to capsize boat

February 2005

Correctors may not be moved during an event

“Only one hydrofoil” rule clarified to allow replacement in event of accidental damage

Prohibition on double luffed sails clarified to make clear “stuff luff” or “zip luff” headsails are allowed

December 2002

Introduced limits on hydrofoils by restricting them to one foil and limiting the allowed area – to prevent “fully flying” boats while still allowing t-foil rudders and experimentation with placing the foil elsewhere

Clarified spinnaker sheets may be sheeted to racks – sails can be sheeted to “any point within the hull width measurement”

November 2001

Advertising allowed to Category  C

December 2000

Minor change to rise of floor measurement (from 203mm at 1118mm width to 200mm at 1100mm)

Allow roached headsails

Measure “B” along the foot of the mainsail rather than along the boom

Add a definition of “bent mast” to tighten up requirement that mast be straight

Prohibit trapezing off the gantry – has to be done from within the 4267mm (14’) hull length

Remove buoyancy test requirement for boats made of buoyant materials

Interim decision following introduction of ISAF Advertising Code to limit advertising to equivalent of old Category B

December 1999

Maximum trapeze belt weight reduced to 4kg (from 5kg) and total clothing/equipment to 10kg (from 15kg)

January 1997: Amalgamation rules

Add wording grandfathering  Australian/New Zealand boats registered before 1/1/97 from hull length and rise of floor\rules provided they comply with rule to which they were built

Reduced weight limit not to apply in AUS/NZL until 1/1/99

Conflicts between International and AUS/NZL rules to be resolved via Australian Rotary Letter of 25/6/96

Delete rule limiting spinnakers to one per series

January 1996: Changes prior to amalgamation with Australian/New Zealand 14’s

Hull width increased from 1676mm to 1830mm (5’6” to 6’)

Rise of floor measurement point moved in from 1219mm to 1118mm

Hull depth reduced from 554mm to 508mm

Taut tape anti-bump limit reduced from 63.5mm to 19mm

Hull weight reduced from 81.6kg to 74.25kg

Rig height increased from 6858mm (22’6”) to 7626mm (25’) above the sheerline

Maximum jib height and maximum J (bow to mast) measurements deleted

Retracted spinnaker pole limit increased from 304mm to 900mm in front of bow

Sail area limit increased from 17.65m2 to 18.58m2

Maximum mainsail area limit (12.54m2) deleted

Deleted spinnaker area limit (was 25.55m2, 275 sq. feet) and spinnaker measurement process

Introduced limits of one spinnaker per series,, and no more than two new spinnakers per 12 month period

Prohibition of bowsprits removed