Rules Archive

Primarily for the history buff, this section provides an archive of past class  rules at key points in the class’s history.

Additional examples are welcome, if you have any please send them to the World Secretary – Thanks!


Where it all began, in the Northern hemisphere at least – the 1923 Rules of the first National 14 Foot class in the UK, established by the Yacht Racing Association (now the RYA) to bring together under a common rule several different existing 14 foot classes from various parts of the country. Love that rating formula complete with cubed roots!


The class becomes International – the Rules of the International 14 Foot class as approved by the IRYU (now ISAF) in 1929. Admirably brief and the rating formula’s gone- but note the minimum (no maximium) beam limit….


An historic moment – amalgamation of the International, Australian and New Zealand 14’s. These are the “before and after” versions of both the International and Australian rules, showing the scale of the changes made by both sides to achieve the merger:

Pre-amalgamation (1995) International Rules (the “penultimate” rules)

Pre-amalgamation (1995) Australian Constitution

The 1996 International Rules including all the changes agreed as part of the amalgamation

Job done – the 1997 Rules (essentially the 1996 version but with wording covering existing AUS/NZL boats) governing the newly unified class