Getting Started

Getting started in a new class can be challenging, especially in a development class where you can’t just go down to your local shop and buy something ready to go out of the box.

Here is some advice on how to get started in the I14 class.

  1. Get to know your local fleet. The fleet is very inclusive and welcoming – everyone wants everyone else to be successful.  Make contact, go for a sail, ask for advice
    • Facebook is the best place online to make contact. Click here for a list of Facebook groups that you can make contact with
    • Visit the clubs where your local fleet is active. No better way to get to know the fleet than over a beer!
  2. Go out sailing with someone. Quickest way up the learning curve is to put in some time with someone with experience
  3. Don’t stress about your boat/equipment – there’s lots of ways to get to the top of the fleet and you don’t need brand new, expensive kit.  Take a look at Andre Perry’s analysis of the top 10 boats from the 2018 World Championships