Winning Gear

As a development class the boats and equipment vary from team to team, and there are multiple paths to the top of the leader board.


Andrew Perry’s look at the Top Ten Gear from the 2018 World Championships reveals some interesting insights:

  • Six different hull designs in the top 10, ranging in age from:
    • Oldest: 14 years – Bieker 5 designed 2004
    • Newest: 3 years – Cookoos Nest designed in 2015
  • Over six year average hull age:
    • Oldest: Eris at 14 years – very first Bierker 5 launched in 2004
    • Newest: Helly the Pelly launched in 2017
  • Seven different foil designs for daggerboards, rudders and lift foils
  • Three mast designs
  • Six sailmakers